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Y3 three-phase asynchronous motor

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General introduction
Y3 series three phase asynchronous motors are totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage type and noted for their novel
design, beautiful model, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, large
torque and excellent starting performance, etc .the motors are adopted with F class insulation and designed with assessing 
method for insulation system according to international practice, the motor have reached an international advanced level 
of the same kind of products.
Y3 series motors can be widely used as driving equipments of various machineries, such as
manchine tools, blowers, pumps, compressors, transporters, agricultural and food processing.
Installation size and centre height of the motor completely measured are as same as Y2 series three phase asynchronous motor
Operating conditions
Rated voltage: 380V/660V or on request.
Rated frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
Connection :Star-connection for 3kw or less, delta-connection for 4KW or more.
Insulation class:F
Protection class:IP55.
Cooling method:IC411
Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃
Altitude: not exceeding 1000meters above sea level.
Relative humidity: less than 90%

Technical Parameters

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